A small pile of Microphones and an hour of free time in August

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Here’s a quick sample of a variety of microphones recorded to Pro Tools 10 with an RME UFX via a single Awesome Channel Amplifier. The EQ on the amp was engaged, in “back” mode but flat. With the exception of some of the dynamics (the 121 in particular) all the mics were recorded at the same input gain setting, at 6 O’Clock.

No compression, EQ or additional processing of any kind is present on these recordings. Just the mic plugged into the Awesome and a faders up bounce to disc.

The microphones demonstrated in this recording, in order:

Tube Condenser
Lawson L47MP
Lawson L251
Microtech Gefell Um92s

FET / Transistor Condenser
Lawson L47 FET
Lawson L251 FET
Soundelux U195
Neumann TLM103
Neumann TLM 102
BLUE Mouse
BLUE Dragonfly Deluxe

Royer 121

One More FET Condenser for good measure
Neumann KM150

Sennheiser 441
Sennheiser 421-U
Sennheiser 421-II