Room Mic Magic

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A bit of noodling on this setup, which is just the addition of a 121 in the corner of the room. The Fucktone Les Paul has a set of Skatterbrane Earthbrane PAFs wound out of phase (because Peter Green was a genius) and the tone change is just toggling between the neck and middle position, no added effects on the guitar, signal path is guitar output –> cable –> Fucktone 45 Fucks head.

There is no compression, limiting or processing of any kind on these tracks, just the following Microphones –> Awesome Channel Amps –> RME UFX –> Protools 10 @48Khz –> MP3 bounced to disk.

Kick: Shure SM7 and Neumann TLM 102 summed to a third Awesome Channel Amp
Snare: Sennheiser 421
Left Kit: Microtech Gefell UM92s (cardioid)
Right Kit: Lawson L47MP (figure 8)
Guitar: Fucktone 45 Fucks head, v4 cabinet, Groove Tubes MD1 and Sennheiser 421 summed to a third Awesome Channel Amp
Room: Royer 121

The Talented Ones:
John Hummel- Drums
Dave Raphael- Guitar, Engineering