Interview with Gotham Sound AES NY Fall 2013

Here’s a fun interview from AES showing off our current product line and a little back story on what inspires us.   AES 135 – AWTAC from Gotham Sound on Vimeo.

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Interview on 65 Amps’ Lunch With Dan Boul


Turns out Dan Boul was so impressed with the guitar sound plugged into the Channel Amp we set up at Office Studios few weeks back, he invited me on the show a week later.  Here you can check me out displaying the channel amp, stirring some serious Vox history geek talk and giving expert slouch lessons.  The original name of the company is also revealed in this weeks hang. #fawtac  

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Channel Amp wins Music Tech Choice Award

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 12.41.53 AM

A 9/10 review in the May 2013 issue of Music Tech earned us a Choice Award.  Have a peek at what John Pickford had to say!

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The Dunwells at Iheartradio


Our pal Sal Barra from Gotham Sound recently assisted David “dibs” Shackney on a session for The Dunwells at clearchannel’s Iheartradio. On these recordings, you can hear a channel amp on the main vocal, lead guitar and the pair of channel amps were sitting on the insert of the master buss.   a few clips from the session can be viewed here. ‘

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Check us out on Lunch with Dan Boul

We brought a Channel Amp over to The Office Studios  for the broadcast feed of today’s 65 Amps episode of  Live with Dan Boul.  Dan was showing off his new Producer 6L and the signal path on the guitar sound you are hearing was simply a Royer R-122V on the speaker cab plugged into a Channel Amp.  Perfect example of how easy it is to record a positively amazing guitar sound with a Channel Amp.  The […]

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Sound On Sound Review


Check out Sound On Sound’s Channel Amp review from the October 2012 edition on page 14. The full issue is available here.

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Soundelux U195 w BeesNeez K8 Capsule


Ive had a Soundeulx U195 that I have never much been happy with, spent a long time over the years poking around with the circuit and concluded the capsule was the weak link, so was very excited to try a BeesNeez K8 in there as the circuit is built around a K87 style capsule.  This mic is primarily used for a kick drum mic, so it was tuned accordingly to get maximized results in that […]

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Neumann K87 VS BeesNeez K8 capules


I got a U87 a while back that was in really bad shape and wanted to see what I could make out of it, wound up overhauling the entire circuit and probably put about 20 hours into the thing chasing a ghost.  Ah, old mics.  The mic was built around 1981 and is one of the earlier battery box U87’s.  The K87 in there is absolutely filthy and while it doesn’t sound bad, I wanted […]

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Made it to the Top Ten.


Color us delighted to have discovered that Cody Simpson’s “Surfers Paradise” just broke the Top Ten on the Billboard 200 for 3 August 2013. This was mixed by Noah Shain back in May, eight of the tracks on the record have a pair of Channel Amps on the master buss. Boom.

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Confederate Grand Piano

Chris Garges sent us up some demo tracks he recorded using a pair of Channel Amps on a Yamaha G7 Grand Piano. Signal path for these recordings is Microphones –> Awesome Channel Amps –> IZ Radar 24bit @96k, Nyquist Converters –> MP3 bounced to disk. No compression of any kind is used on these recordings. Spaced pair of Coles 4038 ribbon mics. These ribbon mics are low output and on this acoustic source provide an […]

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Spankbrane Humbucker Demo

Skatterbrane sent over a set of Spankbrane‘s to try out, these humbuckers are pretty fantastic and while they have a DCR of around 2K, they provide all of the output that you’d expect from a 9K humbucker. Super punchy, these make for a really aggressive set. These were installed in a 1990 prehistoric les paul that has been completely reworked by Fucktone. Signal path consists of the les paul plugged into a Fucktone 45 Fucks […]

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“To Your Head”

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Check out some rhythm tracks for reworking of an older (and my favorite) Nothing Project song, “To Your Head”. What you are hearing here is Microphones –> Awesome Channel Amps –> RME UFX –> Protools 10 @48Khz –> MP3 bounced to disk. No Compression of any kind, anywhere, on anything. No processing, no nothing but Awesome. Eight mics in a room, Three guys playing, Whole lotta Awesome getting […]

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Solo’d Drum Kit

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Room Mic Magic

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] A bit of noodling on this setup, which is just the addition of a 121 in the corner of the room. The Fucktone Les Paul has a set of Skatterbrane Earthbrane PAFs wound out of phase (because Peter Green was a genius) and the tone change is just toggling between the neck and middle position, no added effects on the guitar, signal path is guitar output –> cable […]

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A small pile of Microphones and an hour of free time in August

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Here’s a quick sample of a variety of microphones recorded to Pro Tools 10 with an RME UFX via a single Awesome Channel Amplifier. The EQ on the amp was engaged, in “back” mode but flat. With the exception of some of the dynamics (the 121 in particular) all the mics were recorded at the same input gain setting, at 6 O’Clock. No compression, EQ or additional processing […]

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