Fader Box

fader box


Our Fader Box is a prototype to showcase expansion possibilities available with Channel Amps and Sweet Ten racks.  A regular 10K fader (P&G’s sound great in our box above) can be patched to the Fader Loop in a Channel Amp in a Sweet Ten using a standard TRS cable.  Panner Summing modules can also accept a long throw fader with custom cabling.

The cornerstone advantage of our mixing system, is the ability to bring the full on sound of a classic, early 70’s transistor console to your desktop one channel at a time.  As such, we find it best to work directly with customers on finding the optimal solution for adding long throw faders to your console build.  We could offer 8 or 16 channel buckets of faders as has been traditional in the past but feel a custom order approach to outfitting a system in whatever channel count you need, be it 4, 6, 13 or 22 is far more inline with how we are thinking here at AwTAC.

Please email us to discuss the best option for adding a bank of faders to your AwTAC based console.