Mix Buss Cable



mix buss cable

A Mix Buss Cable is required for sending the stereo Left / Right feed from the passive mix buss in our Channel Amp or Panner Summing modules to a mic pre for make up gain and balancing.

Inside each cable are the appropriate resistors optimized for our passive mix buss, this is not just a simple “Y” cable.

Each cable is assembled with high quality Neutrik Connectors and Mogami wire by hand at our assembly facility in Brooklyn NY.  Custom Lengths are available.

One Mix Buss Cable is included free with any purchase of two or more Channel Amps or Panner Summing modules.

Separate Mix Buss Cables are available for purchase in our store if you own multiple units and want to sum multiple busses.  An example of that could be the guy that owns 4 channel amps: 2 mics on a guitar cab can get bussed together with a pair of channel amps and a mix buss cable would be required to get off the buss to sum the pair to a make up mic pre.  Then a second pair of mics could be on a second guitar amp summed together through the other pair of channel amps, requiring a second mix buss cable to get off the buss.